Short Paragraph On My Favorite Game Cricket For Class 4 – 7

Paragraph writing on your favorite game cricket: Playing cricket is an important activities of our life. Read best paragraph on my favorite game cricket.

The Cricket Game is very rich in fitness it keep player’s body fit and healthy every time. No doubt sports not only played for fitness but for the country and Nation.

Paragraph On cricket match

My Favorite Game Cricket Paragraph Writing

Sports is a important activity that makes individuals mentally and physically active and fresh. All types has an important rule in fitness and entertainments but cricket has received international acclaim and intention. Game gives pleasant to viewer. All adults, children commonly seems in grounds and streets. The sport is popular

almost worldwide now.

Whenever in cricket, the spectators leave all their work and go to watch the match. Cricket has always been considered a traditional sport whose roots have so far spread to certain parts of the world. But like other major sports, the game now faces challenges such as how to make its mark in new markets, new fans and more people. Cricket was invented in Britain and therefore spread to all British occupied territories during the colonial period.

Cricket is the most popular sport in South Asian countries India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka and also in Australia, New Zealand, England, Zimbabwe and south Africa.

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The rules of cricket are unique, it played between two teams with eleven players of each team. The game is played with a ball and wooden bat with an elliptical field. In the center of the fixed field there is a station of 20 ٫ 12 meters (22 yards) called pitch. On either side of the pitch are three, three pieces of wood called wickets. A player of the team (Bowler) throws the ball fast or slow towards batsman of other rival team. The ball usually bounces once before reaching the batsman who defends his wickets. The second batsman, called a non-striker, stands at the bowler’s delivery.

The goal of both the teams is to make more runs than the rival team. Each in shape is split into innings wherein one group wins and the opposite handles the ball. A group’s turn closes when every one of its players are out, the apportioned balls run out or its chief declares the finish of the turn. The wide variety of turns and balls relies upon at the kind of sport.

There are two types of cricket played, one is “Test” and the other is “One Day”. The Test in shape is five days wherein each the groups ought to play , turns even as in sooner or later each the groups get one flip of three hundred balls. To win, the team that plays later has to make more runs than the opposing team, but if all 10 of its players are out before then, the opposing team will win the match. In the current era, 20 over and 10 over matches have also been introduced. Cricket is a very popular sport. Cricket is the only sport that everyone gets excited to see, whether it is a child, young or old.

3+ Short Paragraphs On Topic My Favorite Game Cricket

1# – Cricket Match

A friendly 2 innings each cricket match was played by us against GHT Radhan yesterday. We won the toss and began to play at 9 a.m. The first player was out for three runs and the second for six, then our captain went in and hit eight boundaries. We were all out for 160 in 30 overs. Then came the turn of the Radhan team. Their players were good, fast men. We fielded well, but our bowling was weak. They had scored 149 runs when their last player was caught out in the second innings. We decided to play very steadily. We sent our players, Salam and Gul, and they played well. Gul was bowled out in the sixth over when our score stood at 58. Our captain was the third to go, and he scored 45 runs. We scored a total of 197 runs. When our rivals went in for the second time, they had to make more than 209 runs in order to win the match, but they began to play very carelessly.

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Fortune favored us and they were all out for 119. We were glad to win the match.

2# – Cricket Is My Favorite Game

Cricket is probably the most popular sport in the world. It’s played all over the world, and there are many different versions of it. In England, you can see cricket played in a stadium with seats for spectators.

In some places, people play cricket in the street with a bat and ball that’s made out of wood or leather. In other places, people play cricket with plastic balls. The rules of cricket are pretty simple: two teams try to score as many runs as they can by hitting the ball into the opponents’ field. Each team has 11 players on its side: a captain, two wicket-keepers, three batsmen, and six bowlers.

A batsman stands at the end of a team’s batting alley and hits the ball with his bat until he loses it or gets out of his way. A wicket-keeper stands either behind the wickets at each end of the pitch or near one wicket when there are no safe catches possible.

His job is to stop any balls that come too close to him so that they don’t hit the stumps and knock them down. A bowler bowls from one end of the pitch to the other, trying to bowl a good length and land his deliveries accurately so that he can hit a wicket when he bowls again. The first team to score more than 150 runs wins

3# – I Love Cricket Game Paragraph

I love cricket, it’s my favorite sport. It’s played in almost every country in the world and is very popular with both men and women. The main aim of the game is to score as many runs as you can by hitting a ball with a bat and then putting the ball through the goal.

You can also catch balls that are thrown onto the field, or take wickets from the other team by bowling at them.

There are two different types of cricket: one-day matches and test matches. One-day matches last for about five days and are shorter than test matches which last for five days plus one day.

In one-day matches batsmen score as many runs as they can in a set number of overs (for example six, seven, eight or nine), whereas in test matches batsmen score as many runs as they can in an entire day (for example twenty-two). Test matches are usually more competitive than one-day matches because there is less time to score as many runs.

Another popular sport that shares cricket’s origins is baseball. It was originally played in the United States and later became popular in other parts of the world including England, Africa and Australia, although it has not yet become as popular as cricket in these countries.

4# – Short Note On Cricket

Cricket is one of the most widely watched and loved sports in the world. Originating in England around the middle of the 18th century, it has become one of the most popular team sports played in countries across the globe.

It is a fast-paced game that can be played by both men and women, and involves two teams trying to score runs. In order to score a run, a player needs to hit a cricket ball with a cricket bat. The team that scores the most runs wins the game. There are many different types of cricket that are played around the world, including Test matches, One Day Internationals (ODIs), Twenty20s (T20s) and other formats.