Short & Long Paragraphs on Teacher’s Day For Students

The teachers are the essential pillars and most respected figures of a society. The following short and long paragraph on teacher discuss the importance & role of teachers in a society.

Brief Paragraphs on Teacher’s Day | Happy Teachers Day Paragraph for Students.

Teacher’s Day is celebrated to pay tribute to all great teachers who were and are the great reformers, humanist and educationalist.

Teacher’s day is celebrated on several dates all around the world, in India it is celebrated on 5th of September in the memory of a great revolutionary figure who remained the president of India.

Short Paragraph On teacher's day

He was a philosopher, writer and a thinker who worked as a professor in different universities. His birthday is celebrated as a teacher’s day throughout the India.

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Who is a teacher?

A teacher is not he who teaches but one who inspires students to discover and explore his own knowledge and make them curious to learn.

Why is it necessary to celebrate teachers day?

Teacher’s Day is celebrated to pay due respect to teachers who work for the betterment, development and bright future of children.

It is very necessary to celebrate teachers day because they are the real architects of the nation and they work day and night to help complete the ambitions of students.

Only teachers help materialize the dreams of students and encourage them to excel in life.

How teachers day is celebrated?

On this day students in all schools wish teachers day to their favorite teachers. They try to bring smile on the faces of their loving teachers.

When students try to gladden their teachers by performing different activities at school, teachers feel highly elated and proud of their students and they pray for the bright future of their students.

In some schools different functions are organized to by students to make their teachers happy.

Specially students make speeches in school about the value and importance of a teacher so that teachers are encouraged to work for the progress of their students.

Some students present gifts to their favorite teachers on this day and wish long life to their best teachers.

Teachers are the idol to students, students should worship their teachers because a teacher plays a vital role in their life.

How a teacher is an idol?

A teacher is the true guide and an inspiration to students, many students try to copy their teachers and adopt qualities of their teachers to succeed in life.

None other than a teacher help create awareness and expand the faculty of reasoning by sharing pearls of knowledge and information.

It is a teacher who instill moral values and ethics in students and shape their character traditionally and teach them to be good citizens of the nation.

What teacher’s day reminds us?

Teacher’s Day remind us that what is their contribution to the development and progress of society and nation on the whole.

This day remind us that none except a teacher can shape an individual properly.

If we will not celebrate teachers day, innumerable contributions, efforts and struggles of great teachers will go unnoticed and teachers won’t get encouraged and students too won’t understand the importance of a teacher.

This day reminds us that a thank-you can go a long way, let’s thank to our teachers who worked hard to shape us and made us reach to good position in life.

This day also reminds that we owe everything to our teachers who taught us, encouraged us, helped us and enabled us to reach at our desired destination.



Celebrating teacher’s day is the best way to pay gratitude to our teachers who played a key role in our life.

On this day teachers are given the due recognition they deserve. We celebrate this day to appreciate the contributions and duties undertaken by teachers to brighten the lives of thousands of students who are ruling the world now.

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