School Leave Application for Going Hometown | Detailed Samples

Leaving for your hometown calls for a well-crafted school leave application, especially when it is for an extended period. The aim is to write a concise yet detailed school leave application that clearly communicates your intentions to the school authorities while ensuring your continued commitment to your academic responsibilities.

Writing a School Leave Application for Going Hometown

A school leave application for going hometown is a formal letter written by a student (or their parents) to inform the school authorities about their intended absence. The purpose might be a family event, an emergency, or simply a visit back home. No matter the reason, it’s important to provide the necessary information including the duration of leave and plans for covering missed coursework.

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When writing your school leave application, ensure the following elements are included:

  1. The Recipient’s Details: Address the application to the appropriate authority, usually the class teacher or the school’s principal.
  2. Your Details: Include your name, class, roll number, and section.
  3. Date of Application: Mark the date when you’re submitting the application.
  4. Purpose of Leave: State clearly your intention of visiting your hometown and provide a brief reason.
  5. Duration of Leave: Mention the exact dates (start and end) of your leave.
  6. Plan for Missed Coursework: Express your willingness to cover any missed coursework or assignments during your absence.

Five Exceptional Examples of School Leave Application for Going Hometown

Example for Family Event:

Dear [Recipient’s Name], I, [Your Name], from class [Your Class] and Roll No. [Your Roll No.], kindly request you to grant me leave from [Starting Date] to [End Date], as I will be travelling to my hometown for a family event.

I assure you that I will complete all missed assignments upon my return.

Example for Medical Emergency:

Respected [Recipient’s Name],

Due to an unexpected medical emergency in my family, I need to visit my hometown from [Starting Date] to [End Date]. Being aware of my academic responsibilities, I will coordinate with my classmate [Classmate’s Name] to catch up on the missed coursework.

Example for General Visit:

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

I humbly request leave for [Number of Days] from [Starting Date] as I plan to visit my hometown.

I will ensure that I complete my missed assignments and coursework upon my return.

Example for Bereavement:

Respected [Recipient’s Name],

I write with a heavy heart to inform you of [Relative’s Name]’s passing. I need to travel to my hometown for the funeral and, therefore, request leave from [Starting Date] to [End Date].

I appreciate your understanding at this difficult time.”

Example for Parents:

Dear [Recipient’s Name],

My child, [Student’s Name], will be absent from school from [Starting Date] to [End Date] as we will be travelling to our hometown. We will ensure [Student’s Name] covers any missed coursework during this period.

FAQs on Writing a School Leave Application for Going Hometown

Q1: What level of detail should I provide about the reason for going to my hometown?

A: While it’s necessary to provide a reason, avoid overly personal details. Keep it concise and professional.

Q2: What is the ideal length of a school leave application?

A: The application should ideally be short, around 150-200 words. However, ensure that all necessary information is included.

Q3: Can I email a school leave application instead of submitting a hard copy?

A: This depends on your school’s policy. While some schools accept emails, others might require a written application.


Crafting a well-structured school leave application for going hometown is crucial for maintaining a professional, clear, and organized interaction with school authorities. It helps to ensure that your academic responsibilities are met and that your absence is well communicated. Remember, the examples provided in this guide serve as a base. It’s important to tailor your school leave application to your situation.

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