Self Reliance Paragraph Summary | Types, Meaning & Importance

Self-Reliance paragraph example for all class students and children. This article provides five short paragraphs about the topic.

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Paragraph On Self Confidence | For Students

The word self-reliance comes from English. The definition of the word is to rely on your efforts and abilities and not on those of others. That means that you don’t depend on anyone but yourself.

I believe that self-reliance is very important.

Without self-reliance, I would be in a terrible situation right now. Two years ago the lights and water were turned off because the bill was not paid. We hardly had any food because we couldn’t afford it either. If we hadn’t learned to become more independent, we’d be in the situation now.

Self-reliance is one of my most important values ​​because it lifted my family out of poverty. I learned how to fix cars, which gave me money that wasn’t spent on food or rent but could instead be used for gasoline and other bills. That one little thing changed my life forever. It also taught me that I need to put myself first and not depend on anyone else.

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I believe that self-reliance is very important because without it we would be in a terrible position now. Besides, nobody but you can change your life. If you want something badly enough, do whatever you can to achieve it, no matter how hard it is. You have to have self-reliance or you will never be successful because no one can do it for you.


My parents couldn’t teach me to become more self-reliant because they didn’t know-how. It was my responsibility. I agree that sometimes you need help from others when you want something badly enough. But most of the time it has to be up to you for you to learn and grow through your failures and successes. If you are not self-employed, you are not going anywhere. You can be given anything you want, but without self-reliance, it will never be enough.