My School Paragraph Writing Example In English

My school Paragraph short and long, 100, 150, and 300 words Paragraphs for every class Student. In addition, here, Students can learn Paragraph Writing in easy and professional English.

10 Short & Long Paragraph On My School

1. Short Paragraph On My School For Class 7 & 8th

My school is near my house. It is around 5km away from home. I usually go there by a school bus in the early morning. I love my school.

Along with many other friends, we also accompany us to the school. My school is very close to my home. I wake up early and then go to school with great love and passion.

There are many things that I have learned at my school. There are a host of different things that I do daily at my school.

Sanskrit, Hindi, English, Math, and Science are just a few of the subjects I study. My school is charming and beautiful. There are lovely gardens there, too.

The trees are all hung all the time in the lovely garden at my school. In the spring season, the flowers bloom at my school. It gives a very excellent look to the eyes.

My school has a beautiful library filled with so many books. There is also a computer library at my school.

I love my school and all that is there. It’s a lush, lovely garden with spacious classrooms and a vast, beautiful building. I enjoy it. I am proud of my school, and I pray for my school.

I love my school, and I respect my school. I miss my school when there is a holiday. I go to school with my friends and my elder brother.

Short paragraph about my school

2. Long Paragraph About My School For Class 9th & 10th

My school is situated one kilometer away from my home. I enjoy attending my class with my friend on the bus.

I love my school. It is the place where we always learn new things. All of the teachers take special care while teaching us new lessons. Our school principal advised the teacher to lead with love instead of punishment.

The teachers at our school are famous for teaching. They are well known for teaching students with excellent manners. Our class teacher teaches us English with total interest and patience. He always tried to help us diligently and conscientiously with our school studies and outdoor activities.

I study all subjects in my class, such as physics, math, biology, and history, in various languages, including English, Hindi, and Sanskrit.

A class is a large amount of syllabus a student must cover throughout the year. At the end of an academic session, students demonstrate to themselves that they have achieved overall year skills by passing the final exam.

We participate in several activities at school. Creating such opportunities for us aims to teach students freedom of speech. Such actions are most enjoyable in various inter-school competition events. Music, dance, and art are also some extracurricular activities. Such actions create confidence among students. The whole celebration event seems full of this kind of fun.

Sport is the most exciting hobby for every student. Our school has a sports coach who teaches games like basketball, football, cricket, and athletes. I am a football fan, and the coach is excellent at teaching tricks.

Our school library has old and new books and the latest publications. We can issue books in our names to study our favorite subjects and authors. I have many helping friends who help me out with my syllabus books.

3. My School Paragraph 100 Words For For Class 4

My parents have given me school, where I am learning my life’s purpose. It only makes me able to face the upcoming hardships of life.

Besides studying, I participate in extracurricular activities like games, music, dance, and art and crafts. Gaming is the most preferred activity in our school. Our game coach also teaches us different ways to exercise besides studying. I am a good football player. Our team recently won the semi-final match in an inter-school gaming competition.

My school is heaven on earth for me because I get to study with my best friends and peers.

4. Paragraph on My School 150 Words For Class 5th

My school bus is away from my home, and my father drops me off every morning. I always try to get to school before school time.

I always try my best to teach new things from our teachers. My interest in learning about different subjects is equal, but English is my favorite subject. Our teachers teach us in three other languages: English, Sanskrit, and Hindi.

The outlook from my school is lovely. It’s even more beautiful in the morning when the shadow shower trees near the school shake with the wind and make an attractive low sound. It looks like we are wishing each other greetings for the day.

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I respect all kind and caring teachers who must stand for hours before the class to teach us. They constantly struggle to make us responsible humans.

5. My First Day At School Paragraph For Class 6th

I still remember that beautiful day when I went to school for the first time. I loved going to school. Seeing my older brother and sisters attend school made me want to go to school. The first day at my school is a memory that is still fresh in my mind. I was so excited about going to school. I got up early in the morning. I got myself prepared. After having breakfast, I picked up my bag, which I had left a few days ago.

At eight o’clock, I got ready to go to school. I began my journey to my new school with my father. The teacher welcomed us there and took us to a classroom. I took my seat. She takes our attendance. After that, she took us to a well-decorated school hall beautifully decorated with paintings and many other things. We had a break at eleven o’clock, and we all had lunch. At noon, we will all be free. The classes were over. When I reached home, I was pretty glad. I told my mother about my whole day’s activities, and she was happy to hear that. I liked the school.

6. My School Paragraph For Class 3

A school is a place where children learn and develop their skills. It’s also a place where they meet new friends and make lasting connections. However, it’s not always easy to fit in with your classmates when you have autism. Some people say that school can be lonely for those with autism because they can struggle to make friends.
The good news is that there are things you can do to make it easier for yourself to connect with your classmates. Here are a few tips:

Be yourself – This may seem obvious, but it’s important to remember that everyone has different interests and personalities. Don’t try to be someone else; instead, be yourself, and you’re more likely to be accepted by your classmates.

Be open-minded – As mentioned above, not everyone with autism is the same. So don’t feel like you have to fit in with the group by saying or doing things that aren’t your style.

Be kind – Try to show kindness and empathy toward your classmates. This will help them feel more welcome, which makes them more likely to accept you as part of the group.

7. My School Paragraph For Class 4

The best education you can get is at your local school. To be successful, you need to commit to learning. It would help to be prepared to work hard, listen, and participate. It would help if you built relationships with your teachers and fellow students. Building a solid support system will make you more likely to succeed in the long run.

As part of their curriculum, schools offer a variety of extracurricular activities that can help you develop new skills and interests. This can be a great way to stay engaged and keep yourself from becoming bored during the long school day. Whether joining after-school clubs or taking music lessons, you can explore new opportunities while boosting your confidence and self-esteem.

8. My School Paragraph For Class 1

School can be a place where you learn a lot about life. You meet many people with different backgrounds and beliefs so that you can learn more about yourself too. And in high school, you start to make crucial decisions like where to go to college or what kind of career to pursue. So school can be essential for your future!

There are many different types of schools in the United States. You can attend preschool, kindergarten, elemattend preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high ample; public schools are free, while private schools cost money. If you’re interested in attending an Ivy League school, you might also have to pay tuition fees.

Anyway, if you’re looking for a way to learn more about yourself and have fun simultaneously, then it’s worth it to go to school!

9. My School Paragraph 100 Words

School is a great place to meet new friends, learn new skills, and stretch your mind. It’s also where you will likely encounter bullies and others who may make you uncomfortable. It can be hard to deal with the stress of school when you are already dealing with bully drama on top of everything else. But school doesn’t have to be that way! You can work hard to build strong relationships with your teachers, find like-minded students to support you, and stand up for yourself if someone is bullying you. You don’t have to face bullying or let it get under your skin. You can be the best version of yourself at school every day!

1participatel Paragraph 10 Lines

1. I am a stattendediversity of California, Berkeley.

2. I attend Mills College, where I study political science and economics.

3. I also play on the varsity tennis team and participate in many campus activities.

4. Besides academics, It was my first choice school.

5. Although Mills provides plenty of physical natural exploration opportunities need.

6. My favorite part of Mills is the small yet diverse community that fosters a sense of cohesion among people from asureeresuregrounds. Learning and exploring academics; I also enjoy exploring the city of y and its surrounding communities, which provides plenty of opportunities for both physical and cultural exploration.

8. Although I will graduate in three years, I am unsure of my long-term career goals.

9. However, one thing is sure: I will continue learning and exploring new areas in my chosen fields throughout my life.