Paragraph Describing About My Brother Example For Students

Describing my brother an example Paragraph is written for students. A sister might need to write a paragraph on his loved brother, who had lost his life, by accident, or another way.

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Describing My Brother Paragraph For Children

Today we mourn a great personality in history. My brother’s death hit me and my family hard; he will be missed. Many people ask how we can treasure his life when he was so greedy, especially towards the end. I have to say that is not true. My brother made bad choices later in life, but that can be said of almost anyone. We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that he did some great feat while among us.

His genius is something we all recognize and appreciate; no one could match him in his profession. He helped repair our image around the world and did more than most to bring people to the US in a positive light.

That’s not to say that his actions didn’t cause any problems, but those problems are small compared to what he did. I was not as proud of anyone as I was of my brother, and I know that all Americans feel the same way about him today. He was a great man who will be remembered for centuries.

My brother often thought of the future and how he could leave a legacy that would last long after he died. My brother wanted to be remembered as an innovator who constantly strived to improve. He thought it was important that people recognize his achievements and genius. However, he didn’t want to be known for the negative aspects of his life.

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My brother thought a lot about how history would see him and what legacy he would leave behind. He wanted to feel like he was making a difference in the world and so many of his ideas were perfect examples of that drive in him.

My brother is sorely missed. His life was shortened, but before he was forty he did more than many people can achieve in their lifetime. We all loved him very much and are grateful for his time with us.

My brother is dead now, but the world won’t forget him anytime soon. He achieved great things in his life and we will always remember him.

My brother died at the age of forty, but in that short time, he has achieved more than most people could achieve in their lifetime. He was loved by many and his death hit us hard.


Today we mourn a great personality in history. We shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that he did some great feat while among us.

Whenever you miss your loved one, you became sad, just pray that Almighty ALLAH shows his mercy on him/her.