Short Essay On Save Tiger Animal In 150, 200 Words

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Save Tiger Animal Short Essay For Children

Save Tiger is a campaign launched by wildlife NGOs to save the tiger from extinction. The aim is to double the number of tigers in India to almost 3,500 by 2022.


Big cats are part of the ecosystem and serve as a symbol of strength across nations. However, due to the loss of their natural habitat, they are threatened with extinction. They are poached for various parts of the body, which is used in Chinese medicine.

The government has banned the same thing, but tiger poaching continues despite strict laws. The campaign aims to ensure that cats

habitats are protected from illegal mining and the logging industry, tiger poaching is prevented and tiger death rates are reduced. Indian forests are the country’s green lungs.

They are attacked for illegal mining, poaching and the logging industry to meet the needs of a growing population. This harms the existence of tigers, which need their habitat to survive. Many countries in Asia are facing this problem and some of them, including China and Vietnam, have stepped up their conservation efforts. The campaign will help draw national attention to this long-ignored issue.

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The big cats are threatened with extinction because of the greed of a few. The number has decreased from 40,000 tigers in 1900 to fewer than 3,500. Tigers are poached for different parts of the body, which is used in Chinese medicine.

The tiger is the strength of our nation and serves as a symbol. It is losing its habitat through illegal mining, timber industry for quick profit, and poaching which is illegal. The campaign aims to protect habitats from illegal mining and the logging industry, prevent tiger poaching and reduce the death rate of big cats.