Corruption Paragraph In 200 Words For SSC Students

Corruption is a heinous crime. It is highly dangerous for the safety and survival of a nation. We have written the following short and long paragraphs on the topic for children and students in easy and simple words.

Read Short And Long Paragraphs On Corruption | Types, Causes & Impacts

Extortion is one of the most dangerous threats to the root of any nation. The following paragraphs on corruption discuss these major points:

  • What is corruption?
  • What problems caused by extortion?
  • What are Levels?
  • Top Causes
  • How to eliminate?

Exploitation is defined as the misuse of power to gain wealth and property overnight. One who earns money by dishonest means is called a corrupt person.


It is a deadly disease, mostly found in high-ranking officers who exercise their powers and authority dishonestly and cheat people.

A legally incorrect action is also called graft crime. The power used for personal benefits is also called corruption.

Levels of Corruption

It exists at different levels and scales. There is small-scale graft, which is a type of corruption mostly committed by ordinary people to get their small tasks done by officers. It is also dangerous because bribery begins at a small level and moves up to a big level.

There is the highest level of corruption, which directly affects the backbone of the nation. When the whole system works for the party in power, it weakens the economy of the nation.

Main Causes:

There are four major causes of exploitation.

1. It is mainly caused by unemployment. The lack of job opportunities for highly qualified candidates compels them to pay bribes to get jobs in different sectors.

2. In many government departments, most of the officials turn to corruption because of low salary packages.

3. Generally, the mindset of people is also a cause of this crime. People are not united, so they go and pay corrupt leaders and officers for their petty gains.

4. There is no strict punishment for corrupt officers; hardly any strict action is taken against the guilty, so it is ever increasing.


The most dangerous problem in every nation is rampant graft crime. Where there is corruption, thereby paying money for illegally done work, most people grease the palms of officials and get their work done illegally.

Because of this, many socioeconomic issues are being caused in the country. These issues cause hindrance in the development and progress of a nation.

Due to this bribery crime, many people lose faith and hope. They hardly believe in the system and machinery of the nation.

When the rights of the poor are usurped, they start plundering the resources of the nation and fighting internally against the nation.

Lack of faith, lack of discipline, lack of unity, and lack of interest in the development of a nation are the problems caused by corruption.

Solutions; How to get rid from corruption

There are many ways to eliminate corruption in a nation. There should be proper and strict laws to deal with all those who are caught giving or taking bribes. The authorities concerned must enforce stern laws against corrupt people so that they fear committing this crime.

Apart from that, the masses of the nation should select those leaders who are honest and truthful. Our representatives should be dedicated and loyal.

We should vote for those political leaders who are well educated and are free from such practices. We must elect a just leader so that he doesn’t allow corruption in the departments.

In addition to that, the government must conduct sting operations in the departments. There must be strict checks and balances. If any official is found corrupt, he must be sent behind bars so that other officers refrain from indulging in corruption.

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Corruption is like a termite; it weakens the stability of the nation. In all forms, corruption is condemned. One who pays a bribe and one who gets a bribe are both unacceptable.

Both are equally responsible because corruption is a crime. It is very necessary to take action against this spreading disease so that poor people get their rights and help strengthen the nation.

We should keep an eye on the system of departments and take action against all those who pay and get bribes. Corruption can be eliminated if it is monitored minutely and brought into action.