My Role Model Paragraph On My Parents Mother And Father

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Paragraph On My Role Model My Parents Mother And Father

Every person has a role model in life. A person whose actions and deeds you try to follow in your own life is your role model. My role model is my dad. My father always advises me on every decision I make and assists me when I am stuck in a problem. I am inspired by his work. Even though he has always been a pressurizing man, at the same time, he has always supported and guided me. I am inspired by him. My father has always helped me with my studies and taught me to be strong and face the difficulties of life. My father is a great man, whose inspiration I will carry on with my whole life.

My Role Model My Parents paragraph

My Role Model My Father Paragraph 150 Words

My daddy is my role model. He has always helped and encouraged me to follow my dreams and be the best I can be, but most importantly he has taught me a lesson, never to give up no matter how difficult things achieve.

My role model has always been my father. He is the only person I look up to in life because he has always helped me especially during my times of need. He has always given me beneficial guidance which has prominent person today.

Furthermore, he is successful and that’s what makes him even more special for me. He has always been supportive, loving, and caring towards me.

My Role Model My Mother Paragraph in 100 Words For Class 9

My role model has always been my mom. She is the most important and loving personality in this world because she has made me what I am today. I remembered every day from when I was an innocent child to now as a young adult, she has motivated and inspired me with her strength and courage to never give up no matter how many times life throws you down. She has shown me the true meaning of love and support and that no matter how difficult things get, I can always count on her countless guidance and encouragement. My mother is the reason I am who I am today because she has been my inspiration right from day one. She encourages me to be strong and follow my dreams; it’s all thanks to her that I have been able to grow up in a nurturing and loving environment. So she must celebrated as a remarkable day.


My family parents are my role models because without them I wouldn’t have been where I am today. My mom has always supported me through everything that life has thrown at me. She has helped me become who I am today and to not give up no matter how many times life gets to you. She has always taught me to follow my dreams and be strong, but most importantly she has taught me the true meaning of love.

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My father too has helped me in so many ways, from being a source of advice when I need it most to encouraging me no matter what. He is the one I look up to in life because he is successful and has shown me the true meaning of hard work. He is my source of encouragement, motivation, and strength because I know I can always count on him whenever I need help. My parents are my role models because without them I wouldn’t have achieved what I have today.

FAQ On Role Model Paragraph

What is 50 Words Paragraph about my role model for kid?

A kid can write 50 words paragraph about his/her role model like this,

My class teacher is my role model. She is not just a teacher, but also a guide and mentor. She always inspires me to do my best in everything I do. Her dedication to her job is commendable, and she always goes above and beyond to make sure her students understand the lessons. She is patient, kind, and always willing to listen to our problems. Whenever I am struggling, she is always there to provide support and guidance. Her passion for teaching and helping others is truly inspiring, and I hope to be like her someday. I am grateful to have her as my teacher and role model.

How do you write a role model paragraph?

For writing a paragraph about your role model, you should start by introducing the person you are inspired in. write some background information about him like his accomplishments, value and traits. Now describe how this personalty impacted on your life and what you have admired from him. Then conclude your paragraph an specific example about the importance of role model in one’s life.

What is role model short note?

A role model short note for student is a statement about the person who has inspired the student. For writing this note a student highlights the qualities and characteristics of his role model and he also describes that what motivation he has got by following his role model.

Who is the importance of role model in life?

The importance of having a role model in life is that they can serve as a source of guidelines and motivations. By following a role model’s guidelines one can easily achieve his aim of life. His motivations help us to find a right path to success and his positive influence helps us to set and achieve goals of life. It is importance is like a potter who shape meaningless clay to a useful pot.