Paragraph On Load Shedding | Causes & Impact Of Load-shedding

Load Shedding usually happened in summer season in India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Read Short and easy Paragraph on load shedding, students can read and study here.

Short paragraph on load shedding

Short  500 Words Paragraph On Load Shedding For Students

Discontinuation of electricity supply for some time for a short and long period called load shedding. Normally, load shedding is scheduled in advance but most of the times, it happens without any warning when the transmission frequency falls below.

It has become a major problem and part of our daily life. Now a days, it causes interruption in all circles of life. The electricity crisis literally paralyze a country and make life of its citizens a living hell. The main reason of load shedding in any country is due to the reason that there is lack of management and foresight by government of that country.

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Impact Of Load Shedding:

The shortage of electricity is damaging our industry, commerce and agriculture. In mini industries there is no alternative source of electricity so when load shedding starts, these industries stop their work.

Factories are unable to give production to meet the requirements of market. To cope with this problem, the industries which are working on large scale use generators to run machinery. However, this expands the total cost of production.

In hospitals, it is impossible to do surgical operations because of load shedding. Sometimes, power goes off during the operation and it results in loss of human life.

The area of education is also being affected vastly by electricity crises. Students especially suffer because of load shedding. Due to extensive hours of power shortage, they suffer a lot especially in exam season and cannot give proper time to their study.

Most of economy of Pakistan depends on its agriculture but due to load shedding , tube wells and other machines cannot work. Because of this water problem occurs which damages the crops.

Causes Of Load Shedding:

There are many contributing factors behind load shedding including:

1. Main cause of electricity is that most of the electricity is used illegally without paying any charges.

2. Our existing dams are losing their capacity of storing adequate water for generating electricity.

3. The use of electricity increases in summer because of overuse of coolers, air conditioners and refrigerators.

3. The entire nation suffers from indiscipline. People use as much electricity as possible. Lights are always ‘on’ in malls, hotels and streets even during night hours. This practice does not only increase power consumption but also generates maximum heat energy which makes the environment uncomfortable.

Measures; how to Control Load Shedding

We can save a lot of energy by adopting some measures:

  • More power stations should be established. District governments should be given suitable grants to set up their own power plants.
  • More dams should be set up.
  • Government should find alternate energy sources for electricity production.
  • Public awareness is very important about the importance of electricity.
  • The real solution lies in making new hydroelectric projects.
  • All malls should be closed early at night.
  • Utilizing foreign aid to start large scale projects should be done immediately to fulfill energy needs more easily.
  • Government should take strict action against those who steal electricity.

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In presence of load shedding , progress is not possible in any country. That is why elimination of load shedding is very important for social, economic and moral progress of a country.

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