Top 15 Uses Of Computer Paragraph Writing Example In English

Read following brief paragraph about uses of computer for all class students.

Paragraph On Uses Of Computer For Students And Children

Know following 14+ usage of computer device that has become a requirement of every person.

1. Computers and the Internet

Uses range from buying and selling stocks to getting information on a specific topic to simply reading news. Many people prefer to do research on the Internet rather than in a library because they are convenient and time-saving. In fact, many libraries have closed for that reason alone. All you need is an internet connection and you’re ready to go!

Paragraph about uses of computer

2. Online Banking

What would we do without online banking? We could say that it has practically replaced the post office in its role in transferring funds from one account to another. Bill Pay options have become a huge part of online banking as well, which saves a lot of time for busy individuals who want everything to be done with a click of the mouse.

3. Social Networking

Networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and Twitter have become extremely popular in recent years. While some people are not fans of this form of social media, it has opened many doors for personal and business relationships.

4. Online Gaming

This is another area that has taken on a whole new meaning over time. Now you don’t have to leave your home to play games with others from all over the world! All you need is a PC with an internet connection and a system fast enough to keep up with everything while you play. Some games can even be played with handheld devices such as tablets or smartphones.

5. Media Downloading

This has become very popular over the past decade. Many artists and bands made their big break through online music sharing. Nobody has to go out and buy a whole CD anymore if they only want two or three songs by this artist! Now all you need is a credit card and in most cases instant downloads are available in no time.

6. Online Information

Before the internet became so widespread, people relied on phone books to get information about local businesses or other organizations that took up a lot of space and also needed to be updated with the new entries every year. Although there are still many printed directories out there today, they usually only cover larger cities, while everything else is very easy to find online these days.

7. Entertainment

Now that we’ve created a virtual world where almost anything seems possible, the lines between reality and fiction are very blurred. People from all over the world can play games to their hearts’ content, watch movies any time of the day or night without leaving home, and even with friends who live hundreds or possibly thousands of kilometers away, in real time via an online video network. Make chat contacts!

8. Email Services

We couldn’t do without email these days, even if we tried! Although it has existed in its modern form since the early 1970s, it wasn’t until the 1990s that people began to use this method of communication on a large scale. Parents could keep up with what their kids were doing in school, friends who lived far away were easier to keep in touch, and business people were one step ahead of their competitors by being able to send documents instantly around the world.

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9. Podcasts

Many people have a favorite radio show or other type of broadcast that they listen to whenever it suits them. Now it’s just got easier with online podcasts, which allow shows to be downloaded straight to your PC or handheld device like an iPod! Rail commuters everywhere are also happy about this new form of media, because they no longer have to worry about missing their favorite talk show.

10. Social Networking Sites

This form of social media has grown exponentially over the past decade and now people of all ages and backgrounds can be found on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and more. Although this form of media has some drawbacks as it has been associated with cyberbullying and other forms of harassment, many young people find it much better than traditional face-to-face peer interaction.

11. Mobile Phone Apps

Nowadays, with apps designed for smartphones and tablets, people can do almost anything they want online. There is no limit to what these apps can offer the end user, which increases the usage options exponentially! People use them for entertainment purposes like playing games or watching videos, but health professionals even use them for researching and monitoring the health of each patient. Artists of all kinds use them to sell their wares and advertise upcoming events, and pretty much anyone can use them for tracking purposes.

12. Online Shopping

This is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to do business these days as it is very convenient and easy to do from your couch, desk, or even your smartphone on the go! Not only has online shopping made buying gifts like clothes, accessories, and jewelry so much more efficient, but many people who work from home also buy their groceries this way, saving money on gasoline and the time they spend do not spend at home.

13. Computer Repair Programs

Given the importance of technology over the past few decades, it is not surprising that facilities are available today to help people who cannot afford their own personal computer technician. Which programs or software they are using will depend on the problems you are having, but most of them will try to restore your system to its original working state very quickly.

14. Computer Forensics Programs

Just like television crime shows, law enforcement agencies around the world employ officers whose primary role is to monitor computers for incriminating evidence that can be used in court against suspects or convicts who have already been arrested. They also help track down perpetrators in hiding by using their computer skills to track online activity through various social media sites, as well as other types of communication technologies as appropriate.

15. Online Job

This is a best benefit and usage of computer to do an online Job, freelancing and blogging. This has become a great use of computer using internet across the world.