My English Teacher Paragraph For Class 3 & 5 Class Students

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Short Paragraph On My English Teacher For Children And Students

I never thought that I would ever consider my English instructor as a friend. He was strict and didn’t seem like anyone to turn to or talk to. I remember when I spoke to him for the first time, he told me to be quiet in class, and later when we had another conversation, I asked him how he was, and he replied, I’m fine. It made me realize that he wasn’t the type of person to open up to. I had my doubts, but then again, there was something about him that fascinated me.

One day in class I saw him keep checking his watch. He started writing on an exercise book and giving it to a girl. I was surprised that he didn’t look like someone to turn to and ask for help. When the lesson was over, everyone left class except me, trying to find out what he had asked of this girl. So I stayed back and asked her what tutoring she got because it wasn’t on the curriculum. She told me that she was given a special assignment and I asked her what it was about.

She told me to ask him directly because he instructed her not to tell anyone about it. I thought, okay, if I find out what this is about, even if he tells me not to ask any more questions, I’ll do it anyway.

I told myself that when he tells me to mind my own business, I take it as a challenge and keep asking questions until I get an answer. When everyone was out of class, I went to him and asked him what this was about. He looked at his watch and said he had some time before the next period started and told me to sit down. That was new; I had never seen him like this before. He asked me if I had ever thought about becoming a writer since I always seemed to be busy writing things in my notebook even in class. I had thought about writing, of course, but I had never told anyone about it, including my parents. He said he was looking for people to take part in a job program and share experiences. And that this girl had told him that I wanted to write and be a writer. Of course, I would like to become one! Who wouldn’t

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But what would this job involve, I wanted to know. He told me I would get some money for my exchange and started telling me what it was about. That excited me even more! If he asked me to do something or to follow certain instructions, I would be happy to do so because I had the chance to become a writer without having to write a single word.


My teacher told me that I had to keep a diary every day in two periods and talk to different people.

This exchange was supposed to be in the form of emails, but I was okay with this because it didn’t matter how long it took for someone to reply, as long as I could take the opportunity to become a writer. I just wanted to write, and what better way to do that than exchange emails with people from other countries?