Paragraph On Kashmir Issue

There is a dispute between India and Pakistan over Kashmir. This conflict first started a long time ago while Pakistan held referendum on the region to allow or forbid entry of Hindu settlers.

Short Paragraph On Kashmir Issue | Kashmir Is A Heaven On Earth

What is the Kashmir Issue

Kashmir is a landlocked region in South Asia that is claimed by both India and Pakistan. The dispute over Kashmir has led to two wars, the first of which was fought from 1947 to 1949 and the second from 1989 to 1999.

Kashmir is one of the most militarized areas in the world, with both India and Pakistan possessing large army deployments in the region. While India insists that Kashmir is an integral part of India, Pakistan claims that Kashmir should be an independent Muslim state.

Since 1984, Indian security forces have repressed protests in Kashmir by force, leaving at least 88 people dead and thousands injured. Many of those killed were civilians, including women and children.
Kashmir’s geometry makes it a strategically important region for both India and Pakistan. While India controls most of Jammu and Kashmir province, Pakistan has a significant presence in the slightly larger Kashmir Valley. With control over this valley, Pakistan could gain access to Indian resources like gas and oil pipelines that cross into Pakistani-controlled territory. There has been talk of creating a “Kashmir corridor” that would connect Islamabad with China.

This policy puts Pakistan at a gross geographic disadvantage which reduces its bargaining power. However, this asymmetrical conflict is now increasingly turning into a military stalemate. India’s economy has become the world’s sixth largest, while Indian conventional forces are far better equipped than Pakistani ones.

This imbalance forces Pakistan to fight asymmetric proxy wars in Afghanistan, Balochistan, and elsewhere around India. Changes in social values have limited Pakistan’s ability to win Kashmiri hearts and minds by using force against them. The intermingling of civilians with spies infiltrating Kashmiri villages is harming interests on both sides of the Line of Control (LOC).

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Solution Of Kashmir Issue

Kashmir is a disputed region located in the northwestern Himalayas and eastern Pakistan. The region has been wracked by violence between pro-India and pro-Pakistan factions since 1947, when India and Pakistan became independent states.

In recent years, the regional conflict has intensified after People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops entered Kashmir to back embattled Indian rebels fighting for independence from India. This incursion has raised tensions between Delhi and Islamabad, which allege that the other side is fuelling extremists in order to create an excuse for military expansion.

Despite lengthy negotiations between the two countries, neither side seems willing to compromise on its sovereignty over Kashmir. The issue remains an enduring source of tension in South Asia, which is already plagued by political instability and poverty.


Kashmir is an area of South Asia that has been the site of much turmoil and conflict in recent decades. The region has been divided between India and Pakistan since the end of British rule in 1947, with both countries claiming sovereignty over parts of the territory. There have been numerous armed clashes between these two armies over the past few decades, most notably in 1999 when heavy fighting took place across the entire Kashmir valley.

In recent years, there has been a significant escalation in militant activity across Kashmir, with several terrorist groups active within the region. This article provides a brief overview of the history and current situation in Kashmir, before concluding with some advice on how visitors can safest enjoy this beautiful part of South Asia.

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